(Português) 2D e 3D Trabalhando Juntos

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In 3DCreative

Excellent news, guys! 3DCreative magazine published a Fatal Attraction illustration eight page tutorial, produced by us for BASF client, in a campaign signed by e21 agency. In the tutorial it’s possible to understand the concept process, render edition, hair creation and other procedures. To be part of such important and relevant magazine motivates us to keep striving for perfection, something in which the studio has always believed.


Rice Production Cycle

This studio’s work for e21 agency, BASF client, shows through an infographical language all rice production steps, from seeds to store. Through a simplicity of style, gradients, parallel lines and repeated elements, the studio strived to make a technical, direct image, which is quickly understood. The isometry helps comprehension and is an integral part of the chosen visual language to represent one of our most traditional foods.

CREATION MANAGER: Eduardo Harthmann
ART DIRECTOR: Vinícius Maia
PRODUCER: Alessandra Bastos
ATENDIMENTO: Mariane Lauer
ARTWORKER: Diego Martins


2D Trophy in Three Dimensions

Fescher Neoilustração was responsible for elaborating this illustration with anamorphic perspective through GlobalComm agency for the event Corrida Maluca de Cadeirantes (loosely translated as Crazy Race for Wheelchair Users). The trophy image was directly on the asphalt during the event, a contest between wheelchair children users, which were equipped with very customized wheelchairs. The distorted image, when applied on the ground, causes the illusion of being in three dimensions due to its perspective. In order to get this result, the studio did several, several tests.

ART DIRECTOR: Beto Schmidt and Diecica Ferreira
COPYWRITER: Pedro Baldi and Tiago Russell
PRODUCER: Marília Vargas
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE: Patricia Machado, Mariana Figueiredo and Rossana Bartz



Original Brazil

To promote the big handicraft fair at Barra Shopping Sul mall, GlobalComm agency called Fescher studio to develop a rich, detailed and surprisingly realistic image. The illustration, composed by objects from Rio Grande do Sul’s traditional handicraft, was done in 3D. Both composition and amount of textures really make the image stand out.


Illustrated Conscience

The campaign whose goal is to make the residents of Porto Alegre become blood donors was illustrated by Fescher studio and created by Paim Comunicação agency, which, aiming for this incentive, created this creative piece for Grupo Hospitalar Conceição. To represent a labyrinth is something which requires a detailed planning. With this in mind, the team from Fescher did several sketches to come to a result that would make the text readable. Besides, the studio needed to put the scene into an environment without many color variations; therefore, lighting, reflections and texturing were all aligned to make the image more interesting. All that care was crucial to increase the piece’s very important message.

CLIENT: CHC – Grupo Hospitalar Conceição
AGENCY: Paim Comunicação
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Carlos Thunm and Rodrigo Pinto
ART DIRECTOR: Matheus Mendes
COPYWRITER: Ricardo Müller
PRODUCER: Natashe Paranhos


In Big Apple

In order to promote the opening of the new Florense store in New York, the studio did a new image through Quadrante Sul agency. The goal was to show where the store is located, showing other tourist attractions and important streets, such as Times Square, 5th Avenue, MOMA and Rockefeller Center. In a style that has simplicity and elegance, using pencil lines and digital watercolor, the illustration shows that sofistication also has to do with simplicity, highlighting just the world renowned locations and the store itself. With this illustration, the studio is present in the campaign’s advertising pieces in United States.

COPYWRITER: Vanderlei Venturin


An enjoyable walk!

How about a funny walk around a completely playful world? It was with this idea from Cápsula Filmes that got into the development of Barbie World campaign – Around the World, for Grendene client, with Escala agency’s creation. Once the challenge was accepted, it was necessary to develop the visual language, which needed a stylization  when making the 32 illustrations representing many cultural locations in the globe. Each was created thinking about color and shape harmony. The result is a work with pure creativity, keeping successfully a strong bond with children. Below, you can see some images. To check the final video by Cápsula, click here.

CLIENT: Grendene
AGENCY: Escala
DIRECTION: Raphael Coutinho
FINAL EDITING AND ANIMATION: Carlos Kulpa, Cedrique Borgias, Rodrigo Tavares