(Português) Fescher Neoilustração novamente na 3D World

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(Português) Blindagem

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Gradient is Key

These are the brand new Docile’s Gelatines packages! The success of the first ones made an opportunity for the studio to renew this funny artwork, directed by Braind agency. The use of gradients is one of the highlights of this project. The limits of elements are composed by delicate curves, filled with smooth tonal passages, helping to give volume. In illustrations such as this, where simplifying is key, a good gradient and coherent color palette gives the spectator the playful side of cartoon style.

CLIENT: Docile
AGENCY: Braind



Again in Archive

Lüerzer’s Archive 2/2015 edition, which is available in the first quarter of april, will have another one of our works! We couldn’t be happier because a little while ago, last december, we got two works in the magazine. This time, the selected piece was an illustration done for a campaign created by D/Araújo Comunicação, located in Florianópolis, to Ossia music school.

AGENCY: D/Araújo Comunicação
ART DIRECTOR: Rivadávia Coura and Luiz Dias


Bovine Crowd

Take a look at the new illustrations we did through SPR agency for TAURA, wire manufacturer for the agricultural market. In order to reinforce the message of the wire’s high resistance, the agency developed these two funny scenes that are related to hysterical crowds. The first depicts many cows in front of a show, the second, a crowd of bulls cheering for their team. Both images were entirely made in 2D and show the brush strokes along with caricatural, detailed aesthetics.


Contrast and Focus!

Hot work coming out of the oven! Though that’s just an expression, the piece created by e21 agency for a BASF product has a lot of heat, a production that made the studio proud. Though with a much varied background, composed by dead leaves, dried plants, a tractor, crop and sky, the image did not lose its focus. And that is due to the fact the human eye is always attracted by contrast. Therefore, we generated several 3D layers with millions of dead leaves to be added in the final editing, we produced countless plants in cg, rendered an entire tractor and still the fire is the attention point. After all, contrast brings focus, scene organization and helps in visual reading, making it one of the greatest composition friends.

COPYWRITER: Eduardo Harthmann
ART DIRECTION: Fernando Geisel and Vinicius Maia
PRODUCER: Alessandra Bastos



Howler Monkey Concept

Character creation is always a motivational thing, and that’s the reason why it was such a pleasure doing this work for Rede Master Hotéis. The proposal of creating a howler monkey-based character came from the client, whose building is located at Gramado, region that has a great amount of such primates. In order to achieve a strong, convincing result, there was a list of characteristics brought in by the client that the character needed to pass, such as age, preferences, physical prowess, psychological traits, etc. We also took a good care in order to not make it too childish, because the caracter would have interaction with people of different ages.

CLIENT: Master Hotéis